8-channel REAL TIME 25FPS 1080P 1920x1080 tribriden DVR with H.264 compression - Supports AHD, analog and IP-cameras

• SupportedAHD cameras : 720P, 960P , 1080P

• Recording speedof 8 channels: 200 fps / sec @ AHD-H (1080p) / 200 fps / sec @ AHD-M (720p) - AHD and supports analog cameras (freely selectable)

• LAN interface for remote viewing and control over network

• Cloud function - possibility of remote monitoring without real IP

• Monitoring via mobile phone(iOS; Android; Windows Mobile)    - with mobile application CLOUD SEE or NVSIP

• High-quality H.264 compression: Improves video quality when viewing "live" recording and viewing over the network.

Minimize the size of the recorded file for a longer period of recording. It provides a lower bit rate, for faster transfer and view files over the Internet

1. Use the device as a Digital Video Recorder (DVR):

Analog inputs - recording and playback in real time (25 fps / sec per channel) 8 AHD-H at 1080p resolution or analog cameras (25 fps / sec per channel) at 720P resolution-automatically identify the type of camera

2. Use the device as Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR):

- Recording and playback in real time (25 fps / sec per channel) 4 AHD-H or analog cameras with 1080p resolution of  (1920x1080) +4 IP cameras with 1080P resolution.

3. Using the device as Network Video Recorder (NVR):

- Recording and playback in real time (25 fps / sec per channel) 16 IP cameras with 1080p resolution

• Pentapleks (at once are reviewed, recording, archiving and network review of the video signal)

• 8 channel video (compression H.264)

• 4 channels audio

• Support 2 SATA hard disk up to 12TB total

• Different modes for setting the record (continuous, manual, programmable, with movement)

• VGA monitor output (1920 × 1080 @ 60Hz)

• HDMI output (1920×1080@ 60Hz )

• Managing PTZ cameras

• Auto Recovery Function after power failure and recovery

• Ability to update the firmware and maintain system settings via the USB port and LAN

• Included in packsoftware for network control CMS compatible with VCRs and IP cameras DAHUA and HIKVISION, Jufeng (XM), Topsee

Technical support and documentation